Constellation FS

CFS is an incentivation system for IPFS nodes to pin specific files
using the power of Stellar as micropayment infrastructure.


CFS creates an exchange to match demand and offer around two components:
gateways allow users to have a tiny Stellar wallet and upload files on IPFS
IPFS nodes pin files to create a persistence and increase availability

InterPlanetary FileSystem is a distributed storage system. It's stable and low latency.
Stellar is simply the best blockchain infrastructure for micropayments. Transactions have ultra-low fees and it's blazing fast (5 sec/tx) !
Constellation FS
Solves the pinning issue on IPFS (only way to be sure that your file is duplicated and stays available on several nodes) with Stellar.
Allow painless experience for users. It's one click to upload a file on IPFS and place a pin request
They also check that nodes pin files and proceed to payments in a transparent way.
IPFS nodes
Make sure files are available 24/7 by pinning.
Matching engine API
Matches pin requests from gateways and pin offers from IPFS nodes.

Next milestones

CFS has just been released, should it get traction and support, here a few milestones:

open-source gateways code (currently is the unique gateway)
decentralize the matching API (currently hosted at with a distributed database shared by gateways
integrate a tiny Stellar wallet in constellation-fs for IPFS nodes (currently they have to create a wallet elsewhere)
increase CFS / Stellar / IPFS visibility

Documentation & open source code

Have a look on GitHub repo

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